Navy Gateway Inns & Suites FAQ

1. Which credit cards does Navy Gateway Inns & Suites accept?
  At this time, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

2. Do you allow pets?
  Military Working Dogs and Service Animals. Military Working Dogs and Service Dogs are authorized.
Pets. Pet friendly guest rooms are available at select NGIS locations. Please click to see our pet policy for reservations, eligibility, fees and guest responsibilities. Information is also available at the NGIS front desk.

3. What are your password requirements?
  Passwords must be 6 to 15 characters long. The first character must be an alphabetic character. Only alphabetic ('A' thru 'Z') characters, numeric digits ('0' thru '9') and underscore ('_') are allowed. At least one character must be alphabetic and one character must be numeric.

4. How do I create a username and password?
  When you have selected your destination and room type, you will then be navigated to the ‘Create a Profile and Password’ page. Your profile will be created after you have accepted Navy Gateway Inns & Suites ‘Terms and Conditions.’
Note: In order for you to create your account, you must fill out every field on the ‘Guest Information’ form.

5. How do I reset my password?
  After you have selected your destination from our DoD Lodging Search reservation page, you will be navigated to the ‘Check Availability’ screen. On the left hand side of the screen, click the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You must answer the security question correctly to reset your password.
Note: Your username is the email address you entered on the ‘Guest Information’ screen, when you made your first reservation.

6. How do I make a reservation?
  For online reservations:
Type your destination or choose your branch of service. If the search results page allows online reservations, press the check availability button. In the blue box, fill in your arrival date, departure date, number of guests, purpose of visit, gender, service, and pay grade.
Note: Rank will populate after you select service and pay grade.

See above question for creating an online profile. If call for availability button is available, you must make your reservation via telephone.

For phone reservations:
Dial 1-877-NAVY-BED (1-877-628-9233). When prompted press ‘1’ for NGIS. Then press ‘1’ reservations or press ‘2’ for group reservations.

7. What are civilian pay grades CV1, CV2, and CV3?
  • CV1, CV2, and CV3 are civilian pay grades equivalent to GS and NAF.
  • CV1 is equivalent to GS1 – GS13/NAF1 – NAF3
  • CV2 is equivalent to GS14+/NAF4+
  • CV3 is a CIV SES

8. How do I cancel or change a reservation?
  Cancel online: Click on the view reservations link. Then click on the cancel link. If you are sure you want to cancel, choose the Ok button. Otherwise, choose the cancel button to leave your reservation unchanged. The screen will refresh. A red icon will appear next to the reservation letting you know your reservation is cancelled.
You cannot make changes to an existing reservation online. You must contact the site directly at 1-877-NAVY-BED (1-877-628-9233).

Cancel by phone: Dial 1-877-NAVY-BED (1-877-628-9233). Press 1 for NGIS. When prompted press ‘1’ for reservations, or press ‘2’ for group reservations.

9. What are the NGIS cancellation policies?
  • Guaranteed reservations not cancelled by 1800 on the day of arrival or not checked in by 1100 the following day will be assessed one night’s room charge at the room rate reserved.
  • All fees collected will be charged to the credit card provided on the original reservation.
  • Charges are non-refundable.

10. How may I speak with a Navy Gateway Inns & Suites customer service representative?
  Please call 1-877-NAVY-BED (1-877-628-9233).

11. What browsers does your website support?
  Internet Explorer 8.0 is recommended, but it will work with Internet Explorer 6.0 AND 7.0. Firefox is compatible also.

12. How do I enter my username if the textbox is grayed out?
  The username textbox should populate once you enter your email address. If it does not, you need to disable your auto fill function via your toolbar or internet browser.

13. I receive a "page cannot be displayed" error when I attempt to make a reservation, why?
  SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0 should be enabled.
To verify, please follow the below instructions:
Go to the Tools menu and click Internet Options
Click on the advanced tab
Scroll down the menu until you see SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0
Check-mark both SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0
Click Apply - then click Ok
If you still have problems call 901-414-0382.

14. I receive a certificate error when I attempt to make a reservation, but my browser won’t let me proceed. What do I do?
  The security certificates used on our sites are issued from DoD certificate authorities. The Root CA and Intermediate CA certificates for the DoD are not typically loaded on a normal installation of the Internet Explorer browser. This is more than likely the cause of the error you are receiving.
Please click the link below and follow the directions on installing the DOD root certificates. Once you have completed, please close your internet browser and try again.

15. Why is NGIS booking reservations for me at commercial hotels?
  Our goal is to enhance customer service and provide guests with commercial hotel options that are within per diem and provide a safe and secure environment while completing your mission. The Navy Commercial Lodging Program (NCLP) is a partnership between the government and commercially contracted hotels to support the overflow lodging requirements for eligible Department of Defense (DoD) travelers. NCLP provides a complete lodging service to our DoD travelers which contributes to mission readiness.

16. What the benefits of using commercial hotels through NGIS?
  The Navy Commercial Lodging Program ensures all participating hotels with the program meet stringent guidelines by ensuring each hotel meet or exceed our Department of Defense Lodging Standards. Each hotel is inspected prior to participating in the program and will not be allowed to participate unless all requirements are met. Each hotel must pass Safety, Health, Room and Facilities requirements along with ensuring all federal, state and host country laws are followed.

17. What grade of commercial hotels is available?
  We partner with nearby commercial hotels that are at minimum a 3 star grade or above. These hotels must pass an annual inspection ensuring DOD lodging standards for Fire, Safety, and Health.

18. How far are the hotels from the military base/ installation(s)?
  The Navy commercial Lodging program utilizes the guidelines in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) to correspond with the distance to and from the hotels. Partnership hotels shall not exceed a 15 mile radius from the military base/installation(s).

19. When will I be able to book with a commercial hotel?
  Reservations for commercial hotels are an option only when there is no on-base lodging available within the base stated on traveler’s orders.

20. Can civilians book with commercial hotels through NGIS?
  Yes, all military and DOD travelers on orders may book reservation with commercial hotels through NGIS.

21. How do I make a change to my reservation with a commercial hotel?
  All reservations can be made 24/7 by calling 1-877-Navy Bed (628-9233). Prior to booking a reservation with commercial lodging, on-base lodging must not be available.

22. How can I book a reservation through the Commercial Lodging Program?
  For any changes to your current reservation, please call 1-877-Navy Bed (628-9233). Assistance with new and existing reservations may be done 24/7.

23. How do I receive my reservation confirmation?
  Once a reservation has been completed with NGIS, an email will be automatically sent to the guest (email address must be provided) confirming the reservation with the commercial hotel. Additionally, within the email, a Certificate of Non-availability (C N A) will be attached for guest reference.

For Group Reservations of 10 or more rooms or for any special requirements please call 1-877-NAVY-BED

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